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Sunny Wigs aims to create the perfect hair solution for you with its wide variety of wig styles. All of our wigs are the highest quality in softness and comfort and are sure to make you look fashionable, whether you are a man or a woman.

We carry both synthetic and human hair wigs, if you prefer the feel of a more natural fiber on your head.

Synthetic hair wig—Synthetic hair wigs are made of modacrylic fibers, which look and feel like your own hair! You will be surprised at how lifelike and soft the synthetic hair is. After wearing your synthetic hair wig all day long, simply spray it with water and dry the wig from underneath. The synthetic fibers will bounce naturally back to their original shape and style.

Human hair wig—Our human hair wigs are very attractive, with their multidimensional hues and highlights, like the ones found in your own hair. You can also have the freedom to style a human hair wig however you choose, with a curling iron, hot rollers, or a blow dryer. You will have shiny, healthy hair that’s worthy of a hair commercial!

Our wigs also come in several different options, with either full cap or open cap wigs.

Full cap wig—A full cap wig has an elasticized mesh base that will allow you to wear it with more ease during the day. This wig also has a denser feel to it, which will give you the appearance of a full head of hair if you have little or no hair of your own.

Open cap wig—This type of wig has tiny spaces throughout the cap that will allow you to pull your own hair through. This way you can blend your hair with the wig’s hair, creating a bouncier, more natural head of hair!

Our wigs accommodate all different head sizes, and they're available in both petite and larger sizes. We also carry wigs for all ethnicities.

For further information on our wigs or a particular wig you are interested in, feel free to call Sunny Wigs (512) 474-5268 today! Our friendly customer service staff is waiting to talk with you about a hair solution that will give you fuller, thicker hair!

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