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An attractive turban can really be a statement piece when completing your outfit for the day. A turban can also give you the protection and comfort you seek if you are suffering from medically related hair loss. At Sunny Wigs, we understand your needs for creating a beautiful look with a turban. Sunny Wigs carries turbans in a rainbow of colors, including white, yellow, red, blue, magenta, and gold. Our stylish block and hand-dyed patterns are also sure to delight you as well!

Our high-quality turbans come in a variety of woven fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool. The luxurious feel of these turbans will wrap your head in cooling comfort all day long and shield you from the dry, hot weather outside. Some of our turbans come in longer lengths than others, giving you more fabric to create an intricate wrapping on your head. Sunny Wigs also gives you the freedom to choose from a turban that has a more structured look or one that is softer with more drape.

With so many different options of turbans, it can feel overwhelming. However, our friendly service staff is very helpful and will take their time to advise you on the best turban to suit your needs. They will also show you, step by step, the technique for wrapping your new turban, so you will feel confident to do this at home.

If the look and feel of a turban appeals to you, call Sunny Wigs (512) 474-5268 today! Our dedicated customer support staff will answer any questions you may have and strive to satisfy your needs!

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